Monthly Archives: June 2015

The Lack Thereof


We find no peace within the swarm,
Between the calm and storm I’m torn.
There is necessity here but…
From this horde I wish to be cut.
Busy busy, never resting, never dreaming for lack of sleep.
Running, watching, searching, finding, but nothing for ourselves to keep.
This isn’t home but we’re here the most,
Always rushing unable to simply coast.
If we’re unhappy here, then why remain?
Is it worth it?  What do we gain?
While it may not be greener on the other side.
There in greater health I shall reside.
Placing this before myself: the happiness of my love,
Peace being the motive, or rather the lack thereof.

This is one about working a job you’re unhappy with and while change may be difficult one must do what is best for ones family, and put their needs first.

“To Each His Own”

I care not for your subtle whinings,
While after me your gods are pining.
Wishing me to turn and worship,
Their cultish ways, their blackened, cursed ship,
Slowing sinking into mire,
All the while, they expire.
From my lack of complete devotion.
Which I am all too glad to withhold from.
And as they writhe,  and wither, and die,
No regrets I feel as I,
Turn from them,  and turn to follow,
The one true God, the truth I swallow.
There is a truth for every soul.
“To each his own” is not our home.

Everyday Slough


One so tired with one beside,
And waiting for the sleep betide.
The end of this long path draws near.
And he, with nothing left to fear,
Leaves behind this day so long,
Returning to the place that he belongs.
Carrying this burden, all this weight,
Inconvenient but necessary. There is no debate.
Having been so long below,
He trudges through that dark slough,
Once on the other side to rest and stay,
He readies himself to fight another day.

To My Bride


Between the ones she can’t
And the ones she sees,
She sees me.
From across that crowded room,
I remember.
The look that set spark,
This tinder that was my heart.
And now five years away,
I’m always thankful for the day,
When she agreed to be,
Forever beside,
A part of me.

Everyday Challenge


After all she’s said and done,
Tomorrow is just another one.
One more day,
One more fray.
Will she get the chance to rest?
The next hour,  the next test.
Will she get the chance before,
She’s passed through another door?
From across this thin line,
More challenges arise,
And like the other times,
She’l do what she must to survive.

End Time


She sat there waiting for the sun to set.
Between the shoreline and mountain, waiting.
Here a memory,  near her heart is kept.
There she guards it to keep it from fading.
It is unknown whom she is waiting for,
And watching to return from the cold sea.
Or perhaps from beyond the mountains ‘ore
He’ ll fly. Her lover, friend, maybe a she?
It matters not. In those eyes pure love burns.
I needn’t see the face nor hear the name,
To know she feels pain in waiting her turn,
Though she loves with love,  and is loved the same.
At the foot of mountains, on the shoreline,
She’ll wait with her love until the end time.




I have seen the light your eyes have shown me,
Now dim,  your eyes having long since turned grey.
I was there but you did not try to see.
I should have known. Many questions that they,
Posed. The way you looked at me and you said:
“Do this for me.  Tomorrow I’ll for you.”
Your promises were empty words and dead.
Strange,  the lack of sorrow,  no tears came through.
Leaving.  I wanted to. But you were first.
Odd feeling, false sense of security.
For a moment I thought my heart would burst,
But that was expected, not within me.
Nothing remains of the farce that was home.
Each being left, just a bit less than whole.