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The Conqueror And Then some

I am the
Conqueror And Then some!
They’ll feel my wrath! All lands!
Subjects? Peasants? Servants!
They are but to serve me so!
My water smells too much like water! Change it!
My food dish is a kernel low! Bring more!
Bring to me the silly grass!
What? How dare you tell me no!
Your villages will burn!
You’ll each take my claw as punishment in turn!
But not until I’ve had my nap.
I am the
Conqueror And Then some!
And now I’ll conquer your lap.

The Path She Strides

The path she takes tends to lean
Towards one side more than the other it seems.
Down the dim-lit path she strides,
They are few but loyal in whom she confides.
Where does she go? Can you see? Does it matter?
They that cross her, she calls each black cat hers.
She knows dawn will come of its own accord,
And how she gets there is as important as her choice of room and board.

Children of the Pride

In the silence we are one.
Let us go and have some fun.
In her sleeping, mother purring.
Our quiet keeps her from stirring.
In the shadows we are home,
A little place to call our own.
Mothers eyes are open watching,
To the hunt, us, she is calling.
She will show us many things,
Like what the silent night-time brings.
All of this and more we’ll learn:
Where to go straight and where to turn.
She tells us that when we’re older
We, not she, will be the shoulder
For the younger ones to borrow
Who will walk this earth tomorrow.

Just Another Day

That was just another day
The cat sits and stares, and seems to say:
“Rest, this is the end of your trail.
Tomorrow is a different tale.
This day was one and tomorrow the same.”
Day in day out, nothing much changed.
The voices follow me home, but i decline to listen.
Morning sunlight on the dew drops glisten.
A sleepless night behind.
The cold dawn responds in kind,
And without noticing, slips by,
One into the next and I cry.
This is the day I deserve to die.
But so was yesterday and so is tomorrow,
Not knowing which is which,
From the future, time I’ll borrow.

Sleepy. Kitty.


Such sleep, such kitties.
Dancing on my face at night.
I can hardly sleep.

One Long Walk


Content in his self-loathing,
He sees no reason to be floating
Away from everything he’s seen and done.
Around the corner he sees spying,
In the mirror himself lying,
“One more time,” He says, “Just one more and then I’m done.”
And down a path that he can’t see,
Saying “At least the cats can’t follow me.
But just in case they do, I’ll grab my gun.”
Seeing one thing and thinking it another,
Thinking it’s a cat when he sees his brother,
He’ll ensure that this following will be the last one.
He then realized once he’s awoken,
All the hearts and lives he’s broken.
A long walk off a tall cliff and his pain is done.
But just before his final step and breath,
He choses life, not death.
He returns to make right all the wrongs. One by one.

On My Waking Up Today


I found myself at the kitchen table.
I had lost myself before.
I don’t know where I was,
Or what I was looking for.
One moment I was in bed,
Then suddenly… not.
And somewhere in between that
My brains had missed a lot.
The cats had tried to tell me
That something had gone wrong.
I don’t know what that could be,
Because I haven’t been awake that long.
The cactus had tipped over,
There was a teddy bear in the sink,
Where did I get a live penguin?
Dear God give me something to drink!
Just about then I realized,
I wasn’t really up.
I was still in bed dreaming,
And had just now woken up.
But now I’m sitting at my kitchen table
Telling you of these things,
I can’t remember how I got here,
And I’m wondering,
How much of that was really a dream.