Monthly Archives: July 2011

The Cat And The Lemmings


So the curious kitten
Steps to the edge
To watch them all
Fall off the ledge
Though what did that do
To the cat that day?
When she watched them all die that way
Curious, so curious
Her little cat eyes
No fear of death
Then entered her mind
With full understanding
She gazed. They fall
She did nothing to stop them all
She simply watched
She simply heard
As each little lemming
Died as a herd.

A Farewell To Frank

These dark days grow ever colder.
We grow ever older.
And the world places on my shoulder,
This little cloud of doom.
Shouldn’t have to bear this.
And I have not the strength
It seems.
Do I fear this end?
Yes, but we do not.
Though we fear this dream
What it might show us.
That you,
Should be gone.
Take your face away,
And your addictions also.
Into this cloud float,
And on it sail away.
I, not we, shall stay
Leave with your masochistic ways.
Then this small cloud of doom,
Will depart.
From us?
From I.
But that is only my hope.
And my hope turns to dust when,
These dark days grow ever colder.
And we grow ever older.
And the world places on my shoulder…

One Friday Night

After just 2 1\2,
I heard a squirrel laugh,
And a penguin cry,
And saw pancakes falling from the sky.
I turned around to hear a rock say:
The pink elephants will be here today,
I looked up to see the elephants surrounded by a pink light,
I thought to myself, holy shit!!
That frickin rock was right!

This I Wish You Could See

When every flower I see
Brings the thought of you to me,
This is the thought that makes me happy.
You are the only one that I want to see,
Only with you, I want to be.
I love you. This I wish you could see.


Where did July go?
Into what ocean did all that time flow?
It once was here,
But now I fear,
That I will know that month no more
Just like the ones before.

The Hearts Dance

Two hearts dance alone,
By themselves, away from home.
Around each other, closer still
They remain alone, until…
They look at each other,
With love for one another,
And their love will grow stronger still.
And as one heart they dance alone,
Away from the world, they are at home.
Around each other they remain,
Now together they feel no pain.
Together forever in love they shall be,
Forever together from loneliness be free.
Skin to skin, bone to bone,
They, as one, will dance alone.

-dedicated to Whitney and Damon B.