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A Prayer To The god Of Cancer

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Oh small stick of sweet death,
More poison you give me with each breath.
Every time I see you I want more,
Every time I take you I regret my choice before.
You are my dictator, my tyrant.
My prayers, to you, are silent,
I hope this prayer will not be in vain.
I pray you; let me go, destroy my pain.
Oh graceful gray dancer,
Oh great god of cancer.

This one was written years ago when I was still addicted to smoking. Cigars, cigarettes, pipes. I loved all three. When my wife found out she was pregnant with our daughter I was able to quit cold turkey. One of the best choices I’ve ever made. 🙂 I’ve had family members die from it and many friends have multiple health complications because of smoking and I’m glad to be away from it.


She’s awake! She’s awake!
Oh thank God she’s awake!
Oh, these sleepless nights of waiting,
Praying, hoping she’d awake!
Not so long ago her falling,
Not so long ago her death,
Sent her into eternal sleeping,
That I feared would be her death!
A sleep I never believed eternal,
Threatened to take her final breath!
I’ve been told I was so foolish,
For wishing something as grand as this!
I can’t believe your eyes are open!
I can’t believe you can finally see!
This love I’ve longed to show you!
Together we can finally be!
The moment I’d thought I lost you,
Regret overwhelmed me so,
That I’d never be able to tell you,
The thought that you’d never know,
Of the love I held within my heart,
Was something I promised to show.
You tell me you’ve been dreaming,
This dream you wanted to impart,
Was seemingly the reason
That you want me to hold your heart!
I didn’t think I could be so happy
As just now when you said,
All this time that something you dreamed,
Was just me inside your head!
Oh the love that we shall share!
Oh the life that we shall lead!
And finally when we are old,
When from life we’re at last freed
In the breath that is our last,
The only thing that we shall say:
“I’m so happy that you’ve loved me,
I’m so happy that you’ve stayed.”

I Fell Asleep One Day In May

I fell asleep one day in may,
Come what may, come what may.
I will not do what they say,
What they say, when they say.
I couldn’t bring myself today,
To carry a tune I shouldn’t play.
For my sacrifice now I must play,
In the thorns, so come what may.
And of the day I fell asleep,
Fell asleep, fell asleep.
In my heart a promise kept deep,
In my heart deep, there it’s kept deep.
That I would rather in the thorns sleep,
Than dance to a tune I shouldn’t keep.
Then in danger my soul I did steep,
Because of the day that I fell asleep.

I Don’t Know

I don’t know
When I’m coming home.
There’s something I feel
Inside my bones.
Now I must follow.
Now I must go.
Ashes to ashes.
Dust to dust.
Is not the whole world
Destined for rust?
For moths they eat,
And the flames combust,
So I’ll do what I can
And love who I trust.
Before the fire,
Not ice,
Takes us all,
Into paradise.
To spend all time
With He who’s paid the price.