Monthly Archives: January 2015

Simply Silent


Simply silent, thinking of you.
Through my dreams like an angel you flew,
Your heavenly beauty filling my mind,
A place in your heart I wish to find.
To share life with you at any cost,
Counting this never as loss.
thinking of you all the world is at right,
Then I awake from a dream one night.
I wish, I dream, I pray.
As I wait for that day
When my dream will come true
And forever I’ll be with you.

A Muse In Solitude


He once sat in silence
Alone with his own thoughts.
He once sat in darkness
To feel what it had brought.
He once sat in rainfall
To remember what it taught.
And then he sat in daylight
To think on all he’s not.
The silence, the rainfall,
The darkness, the daylight.
How he sat in solitude,
How he sat in the bright.
He cursed the silence for not speaking
He cursed the day for not being night.
He cursed the rain for water,
He cursed the dark for not giving light.
So why did he sit and think and curse?
What did he find in his enemies purse?
He had hoped to find the answer
He knew to be true, false.
That all is but vanity, and sorrow
With knowledge there’s no knowing.
The wisdom he was to borrow,
Gave him but this to keep:
There is no life but death,
There is no birth but dust.
There is no treasure here
That will not eventually rust.
We rise from the ashes
Only to return and sleep
So we must find one
Who, from ashes our souls can keep.

A Question Of The Dark


Waiting for this feeling to leave.
Waiting for those eyes to leave,
there in that hollow dark,
Hoping that her own deceive.
From what she can see,
It isn’t much.
A voice inside dares her to touch,
To reach out, to clutch,
At something possibly not there.
She wonders, Is there really a thing such
As ghosts To steal her soul?
Then voices inside that aren’t
Her own
Say: “Not ghosts,
Just something in your home.”
A strangled scream escapes her lips.
Is this the night she’ll feel deaths kiss?
Now with all the lights turned on,
She sought to secure some bliss,
From the voices,
From the dark.
From these thoughts she can’t depart!
Here she sees nothing with
All lights on, and one would think
This would take her from the brink
But the lights are off again
And she,
Once more believes,
That she sees something.

One Whom She’s Beside


A perfect love sleeping beside
The one who I am and mine,
Greatest effort dies, subsides,
In an attempt to curtail such a tide
As my passion, my design.
To do so without disturbing her disguise-
Of sleep as she waits for a kiss in time.
I cannot. My desire, does not subside.
A kiss I give to she who is sublime.
And now we
Forever sleep and will be:
She next to me,
And I, one whom she’s beside.

In The Wake Of A Flame

When there is naught left in this world but hate,
And nothing is left but eternal dark,
When Light and righteousness are now sedate,
Deny me my lease and let me depart.
I’d rather leave than remain among fools
Who believe darkness is too much to fight.
Apart from these ones I can see the tools,
And perhaps with those I can make a light.
Though my flame be small and burn up quickly,
I’ll light it, with faith it is sufficient.
May I leave this world a bit less sickly,
With love and beauty I leave behind it.
The beauty of this flame I leave in wake,
Will be enough I hope to more lights make.

Of Fears

When your fear follows you home,
And will not leave you alone
You are the only one to blame
You fed it once now it stays
You gave it a name
You called it, it came.
You don’t want it to go
But you can’t live with it so…
Cling to your fear, silent fool.
You’re too cowardly for a duel.
Live with your comfort, your pain.
Now torment is your only gain
And all because you won’t let go
Of your friend that is your foe.

Was And Will Be


What was and what will be are no concern of mine.
It is some plan left up to the divine.
The time given me, slowly is it spent,
Not always wisely. In any case it’s merely lent.
What is beyond me, beyond my strength to change,
Isn’t what I dwell upon, from this no profit gained.
From the past no profit, much less the future,
Like the wound it is the past I’ll suture,
And stay there no longer, however nice a place to see.
Worry and stress I’ll simply cast aside.
The present and mine is the home I’ll remain inside.