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Where the lights that go before us tred,
In darker days their absence led.
A flame out too soon, not quite begun,
When one cannot see their first setting sun,
Where the reaper concedes to angels
To ferry this small soul.
In lifes webs many tangles,
There’s one strand so bitter, and beautiful to behold.

Dedicated to the daughter of my friends Kendra and Jurian. May she rest in peace.

Under Quiet Sky

She holds the eye that freeze time.
She chastises cold and space and time.
While the world sleeps and passes by,
She stands in snow, under quiet sky.
As for the eye that she holds,
For now it shall remain closed.
Until the moment it opens and,
A moment lost, then held in hand.

Dedicated to my friend Carole D.

Each Day


I am here for the morning
I am here for the day
I am here waiting,
For when you say,
I love you, I love you,
I love you don’t change.
But I don’t have to wait,
Because you tell me each day.

The 45th Day of the Year


Because everything you are
Is everything I need.
And everything I am
Is all to keep you happy.
You love me. For me,
That is enough.
Together forever,
Forever shall we,
In heart hold each other,
Until eternally be.

Dedicated to my wife.

Not Her Fault


And the little one she asks you
Why you think that this is your fault,
You cannot answer it’s something that you can’t recall.
A hundred times I’ve told you you’re pointlessly blaming yourself.
And the little one she crys. Don’t think that this is your fault.
Fighting these thoughts from day to day.
You’re watching her play,
And then you pray.
That you’ll turn out better than yours before;
While you left to play,
She stayed away.
Though eveytime you love her,
You become more,
More than she showed you,
The one before.
Everytime you’re her mother, the litte one,
You’re already something yours won’t become.
And the little one is happy, and she loves you.
You love her, and I love you.
We’ll hold you and help you until you say:
“It’s not my fault. I’m not to blame.”

Suddenly Gone

These tears I shed for you were my,
Only way of saying goodbye.
Another chance I wish I’d had
To see you smiling, but I can’t.
I’ll remember the time that we,
Were friends. and life,
As it used to be.
Heaven’s now a brighter place
And this world a little darker.
You will be missed in that death you don’t belong.
You will be missed in how you were
Suddenly gone.

-Dedicated to Rachel M.

I used to work with Rachel, she was a good friend to me and a good friend to a lot of people. Where we worked, most everyone looked out for each other and helped out when needed, people there were giving and caring. Even customers would comment on how the employees had a family attitude. So in 2011 on the day she died, everyone felt it. Even customers. Everyone who came into the store knew something was wrong.One of my friends had called me up 2-3am that morning and told me that she died in a car wreck, that she just got hit by a drunk driver and died instantly.
And just like that, she was gone. No goodbyes, nothing. Just gone. I had just worked with her two days before not knowing that it would be the last time I would see her. I went to her funeral and tried to say goodbye there but I couldn’t do it. It wasn’t until her mother put up a cross where the accident was that I could really say goodbye. It took me a long time to say it, but I finally did. It still hurts and I still miss her like crazy, and I always will, but now it hurts a little less since I was finally able to let go. Here’s to hoping I’ll see you again someday. Rachel, rest in peace my friend.

Of Marriage


One and the same, unchanging until death,
This path you’ll walk down side by side that is:
New life together, from God, that is blessed.
An unbroken bond, that’s sealed with a kiss.
Love rejoices in truth and never fails,
And through the flames yours shall be made stronger.
With your hearts embraced, your passion won’t pale.
Anger may stay long, but love endures longer.
You stay by his side with love and respect.
You stay by her side with respect and love.
Then every blessing you now may expect,
From our father God, watching from above.
Place Him first, then each other and you’ll see
Just how long forever can really be.

-Dedicated to Calvin and Tanya K.