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No Peace.

She laid her once holy blade in the mud,
Raised her hand to shield her eyes from the sun,
To gaze across a wasteland soaked in blood.
She looked for her brothers, for survivors, anyone,
Naught but frozen, lifeless eyes met her gaze.
Thousands and thousands marched with her from home,
So quickly torn from their halcyon days,
To the final resting place for their souls.
For herself she weeps, not so much the dead.
Her price? No release for herself to find.
For such a price, can “This is peace.” be said?
She mourns for the world that she’ll leave behind.
There’s no absolution in crimson tide.
There is no peace where so many must die.


Her Reason Why

Once she had a thought.
Once she had strength,
Once there was a day at length.
And with that thought she,
Tried to escape on her own.
But few are they who can truly leave home.
No real attempt was made,
I’ll tell you why,
Her son gave her reason to try.
And try she does. Against all odds
She’s none the worse for wear.
There isn’t much for these winds and waves that she can prepare.
Forward to the future,
Leaving the past behind,
And abandoning those unkind,
She isn’t likely to quickly change her mind.
Still carrying scars and mending broken wings,
She awakes to a new day and sings.
What is scarred and broken is no burden,
When it’s so bright, what’s behind the next curtain.

Over Oceans


She wanders alone and unafraid,
Fearless with nothing left to lose.
Lonely? Never. It’s not a path to choose.
Over the oceans, her plans laid.
Often thinks of why she left it;
Her birthplace still home, and how
She misses it but not so much now.
With what life offers, she has no desire to sit.
Wandering across her narrow path of stone,
Down the straight and narrow she was never truly alone.

Trap Of Lies


Weaving words, this trap of lies,
The hiding truth within denies.
Wondering where and how time flies,
It’s running out for her this time.
She can’t escape, though she runs,
At first she thought it would be fun,
So then she tried another one,
But still she wasn’t done.
Can’t put it down, all alone.
This trap of lies, now her throne.
All because she won’t let go,
Of a weight so easily thrown.


Rather Than Unknown


And all at once, the candles flame,
You held so tightly to your frame,
Became the spark I needed.
And once again, there was one to hold.
We found these wounds entirely too old.
I tried to run,
It’s so hard to love,
But I’m more afraid
Of the lonesome.
So ill stay with you, rather than unknown.
Finally at the end of my lonely road.

A Cry Ignored


Looking up and reaching through the cold mist,
Reaching out to one more who will say no,
Rejected again, oh my what a twist.
But she’s still there as you walk away so,
Even a smile will help, turn around.
You can’t be bothered for the time of day,
Leave her with her cardboard sign on the ground.
Don’t. Be the one to say: “I’ll help you”, say
“You’re loved and worth it, I’ll do what I can.”
But too often shes ignored, often spurned,
Without help, she’ll die alone on the sand.
“Holier than thou” away your eyes turn.
What makes you think you’re worth more than the soul,
While still full of kindness, dies in a hole?

The Empty Bottle


There! That swinging door,
Closing loudly like never before.
Note no wind disturbs this house,
Note none live here, not one mouse.
Even now my old mind deceives.
Attempting to prevent my hearts’ belief:
That I am not within these walls alone.
That in these cold rooms a soul
Drifts in and out of time, my eyes see,
Things where they shouldn’t be.
But I am alone this is my soul,
It’s where it rests inside this hole,
In the dark I am he that soul finds.
But am I alone if to me that soul is tied?
I am alone! I closed that door!
I am the not wind disturbing this floor!
I say this before, I know,
I will unwillingly let go
Of all these memories and forget,
Just how many times I’ve let
My own mind to thinking
I’ve not been alone in this sinking.
Daylight fades and I try,
To find the answer as to why.
And wish that I’d once been coddled,
As soon as I see the empty bottle.