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One More Sunset

Another sunrise, another day
Another chance to stay and say,
One more noon passes by
One more sunset to catch her eye.
She sees the road, the narrow path beyond,
It is just the same as any other dawn.
She wakes from sleep, though no rest found.
Most nights are spent dreaming
Of fears, of paralyzing past.
Memories through the years abound,
But not so many she would like to last.
The sun has set after a day of reviewing these,
She wonders if tonight is the night that she will find peace.


No Peace.

She laid her once holy blade in the mud,
Raised her hand to shield her eyes from the sun,
To gaze across a wasteland soaked in blood.
She looked for her brothers, for survivors, anyone,
Naught but frozen, lifeless eyes met her gaze.
Thousands and thousands marched with her from home,
So quickly torn from their halcyon days,
To the final resting place for their souls.
For herself she weeps, not so much the dead.
Her price? No release for herself to find.
For such a price, can “This is peace.” be said?
She mourns for the world that she’ll leave behind.
There’s no absolution in crimson tide.
There is no peace where so many must die.



Without the strength to stand,
Though she is so trying,
And will not leave this dying land,
Oh so quickly it is dying.
A thousand fallen before her blade.
One thousand more dare to try.
Countless battles into memory fade,
Here, with silent tears she cries,
Yet what death she brings will save more.
With what currency is life bought but blood?
How much must be spilt before,
Death falls ‘ore this land like a flood?
She hopes to stem this coming tide,
Of death and blood and dying earth,
For peace and blood doth not coinside,
There first must be a hearts rebirth.

The Lack Thereof


We find no peace within the swarm,
Between the calm and storm I’m torn.
There is necessity here but…
From this horde I wish to be cut.
Busy busy, never resting, never dreaming for lack of sleep.
Running, watching, searching, finding, but nothing for ourselves to keep.
This isn’t home but we’re here the most,
Always rushing unable to simply coast.
If we’re unhappy here, then why remain?
Is it worth it?  What do we gain?
While it may not be greener on the other side.
There in greater health I shall reside.
Placing this before myself: the happiness of my love,
Peace being the motive, or rather the lack thereof.

This is one about working a job you’re unhappy with and while change may be difficult one must do what is best for ones family, and put their needs first.

Pain/Peace: Diamante poetry challenge


Tragic, hapless
Gripping, agonizing, unforgiving
Lamentable, consuming, amity, equality
Caring, calming, reposing
Tranquil, harmony

Forsake Me Sorrow


Forsake me dear sorrow!
You who take and do not borrow.
I wish for your company no longer!
I am (more than before) now stronger
And return to me my joy,
That is no longer your toy.
A final farewell I give thee
And forever with you
I will not be.
Leave me with my peace dear sorrow,
And I will not see you the morrow.

I Won’t Let You Forget


Let this word pass through your sleep and sink into your dream,
Let it sink deep and to the corners of your mind cling.
I would pass through fire and for you endure pain.
I would die to keep you safe,
Though nothing for myself I’d gain,
Except the knowledge of your safely sleeping,
This would let me die in peace.
To know that you’d safely,
Rise at day break to seize it once more,
Leaving nothing behind that you haven’t before.
So sleep so peaceful and free of regret,
Then awake and these words I wont let you forget.