Monthly Archives: May 2011

Her Voice

Her voice inside my mind resides,
Casting every feeling of sorrow aside.
Only the comfort of her presence to have,
And the wish to hear her joyful laugh .
These are the things I wish to possess,
And to her my love to confess?
But I cannot give what is not mine,
And tarnished gold will not do when what deserved is fine
I must not give to her anything less than perfection.
So I must leave shrouded in destruction.
While I gather my soul, much too tattered, I deem,
Hoping to make myself one day, fit for a Queen.

Never Rest?

They don’t think you’re love is enough,
You happened to show your own place.
They say you’re soulless and,
You’ll never find rest.
Tell them: I am
Who I am. No one ever
Has to ask why. Only,
Leave me be.
I don’t ever tell you
What I think about you that’s wrong
So why must you condemn me?
They don’t think your love is enough,
You happened to show your own place.
They say you’re soulless and,
You’ll never find rest.

Obedience is Better Than Sacrifice

I have turned my back on God’s kingdom,
I have long since ceased my prayer for wisdom.
Where to go? What to do? I now have nothing.
Enter: the broken soul that is me surrendering
Obedience is better than sacrifice,
My strength alone will not suffice.
I’ve not fallen from the path, this is where I sleep.
I must once more start walking, so I rise to my feet.
When I call Him He comes to me fast,
I know what I must do, am I too weak to ask?

This Beauty I Can’t Reach

When this beauty is too much for me,
It’s past that place that I can’t see.
It is that which consumes me
With that I want to be.
This beauty seems so out of reach,
Although this beauty I’m not trying to reach,
Maybe I’m afraid to touch it,
Would I know how to treat it?
This beauty cannot be taken
It can only be given
This beauty I wish to call my own,
In this beauty will I find a home?

You Know Your Name

What is your name?
I whisper it.
I know your beauty,
Unlike any other.
I’ve seen your smile;
A joyful moment.
I’ve heard your laugh;
It causes me to.
What are your eyes?
I cannot look.
And my first question,
The answer brings me joy.
What is your name?
I can only whisper it.

The Flame

The flame burns bright now
To drive away the cold night.
Now she sleeps in warmth.

Having Then Been Turned Around

Having then been turned around,
I now follow the sound
Of my fathers’ voice calling me.
Out of the darkness, now light I see.
Never returning to the valley where I’ve slept
To that place where darkness kept,
Every piece of my soul I now call my own.
Never again to death will I loan,
My soul, my spirit, my mind.
For the results are so unkind.
So I’ll make my way to the father,
Leaving behind this masochistic caller.
While I walk, on my past I will ponder.
And from this path, no longer will I wander.