Monthly Archives: June 2011

This Has Come To Pass

Oh my friend,
These six years passing,
One may find them too long lasting.
We will miss you, much will change,
During the time spent in that cage.
On that day, October the 26th,
I could hardly believe it; I thought it was a myth.
The fact you being gone that long,
In that hellish place you don’t belong.
We all* love you, yes we do.
There are more of us than two.
*(I said all not both)
Listen not my friend, to what the raven quoth:
“Nevermore” says he an omen this should be,
That without hope.
Do not worry, with this we will cope,
Your time away will end,
We will see you again
These six years have come to pass,
This test will not last.

Vision In The Night

The time slowly expires,
As we stare into then fire.
Failing to realize, the light
Makes dim our eyes in the night
When we need to see the most.

The End Of The Sidewalk

So this is where the sidewalk ends.
This is where new life begins.
To step forth, into an unknown land,
To step forth, and let go of consistencies’ hand.
When the end of the sidewalk has been reached,
Some cocoon of comfort has been breached.
You turn around, afraid to go on,
Trying to find home in one more place you don’t belong.


I forced a smile
In hope for a smile in return
But alas,
The smile I did see,
Was not for me.

I wrote this poem in October 2008 when I was going through a bout of depression. I had left my apartment to simply wander, I used to love taking walks just to think, not to really go anywhere, and I looked up to see someone walking towards me. It appeared that she was looking at me but really she was looking at someone behind me, so I forced a smile at her hoping I would see her smile at me. She did smile and wave, though not at me, and I will always remember the disappointment I felt right at that moment.