Monthly Archives: October 2015

I’m Tired


I’m tired.
Without carrying a weight,
I’m tired.
Breath comes easy,
But do you see
How I’ve become so tired?
My heart beats slowly,
It’s my weary mind come lowly,
That has made me feel so tired.
My thoughts all but expired,
This enervation that I’ve sired.
My momentum has decayed,
I’ve beared this burden for days,
And this has made me tired.
For renewal I seek sleep.
That repose I will keep,
Until I awake to find,
That I’m still very tired.

Rylie Died


I had a dream that Rylie died,
I did not cry,
Inside I died.
Her close friend she trusted her life,
He took that life.
There was a knife.
I had a dream that Rylie died.

On the night that Rylie died,
He sold her life,
For such a price.
She and he, the devil and I,
I did prevail, I did not try.
Eye for an eye,
I was left blind.
On the night that Rylie died.

Good Day


Woken up slowly
Harbinger for day to come.
Smiling at the dawn.



Such sorrow that dwells here unknown,
Terrors in her mind that grow.
Void calls out to void,
Speaking to her with such ploy.
Asking where, asking why,
In vain she asks, in vain she tries.
An unanswering void does claim,
Thoughts and dreams, all the same.
Ephemeral respite from terror being,
Her dark sorrow and fearful dreaming.
Sitting on a cloud that billows out becoming fog,
She waits for the approaching doom.
Sits and waits. But not for long.