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No GoldĀ 

I climb above clouds
Still can see no greater thing
Than what was below

To ascend to heights. Almost
Was hidden gold missed

I go below clouds
There is no gold in the sky
I’ll love what I have.



Ravager of worlds
Storm. Beast. Unstoppable force.
A herald of end.

Way For Winter

With not much left here
It moves on to brighter things
Makes way for winter.


Water, mountain, stone.
Ship sails among reflections.
Stillness of summer.

Lactose Intolerant

Forgot and ate cheese.
Many trips to the bathroom.
I shall not again.


Golden snare of voice.
I’ll hear louder than before.
Lights out brings silence.


Opened. Escaped smoke.
Reflection on what ones lost.
Now one with the sky.