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Listen to the voice
It tells you many things that
Are, were, and will be


Next Time

Empty house tonight
They left behind a trace warm.
Until next time, missed.

A Dog Finds

I find a speck. Sniff.
What is this thing? I must know.
To know more, I lick.

Another Day

Woke up to the sun,

Like any other morning.

At the same time, not.

My Tomorrow

I walk away from
The beaten path. Only to
Find my tomorrow

No Gold 

I climb above clouds
Still can see no greater thing
Than what was below

To ascend to heights. Almost
Was hidden gold missed

I go below clouds
There is no gold in the sky
I’ll love what I have.


Ravager of worlds
Storm. Beast. Unstoppable force.
A herald of end.