Monthly Archives: August 2015

To Find A Name


I’ll keep on running.
What’s my name?
I’ll keep on hiding.
What’s my name?
I’ll keep on asking,
What’s my name,
Until the answer
Isn’t the same.

I don’t know,
Is that all?
I don’t know,
Was that a call?
I don’t know
Anything at all,
I thought I heard
A name softly fall.

That’s not it!
There must be more.
Again must hear it!
There must be more.
This doesn’t fit!
Is there more?
Perhaps I’ve heard nothing,
And heard nothing before.

Running From?


Within her and the quickening of red,
Frantically looking about the landscape.
Against the nearest wall, she beats her head.
What is she searching for? Is it escape?
She doesn’t know, with her memory grown,
So dark and into the mist, and faded,
She wonders if her sanity has flown.
To what cold cage was her freedom traded?
She is running again, always running.
Wanting to look back, but not knowing why.
Onward and running, trusting her cunning,
Never being able to stop,  she cries.
So frantic and running and cold and cracked,
Running and running, no time to look back.

Smoky Air

Now I lay to sleep,
From the smoke I hope to keep,
My last breath, here deep.

Time Of Fire

Forgotten amidst the clouds of black smoke,
Hidden by the flames of time in that place.
She can’t quite remember the man who spoke.
All she knows, she tries, to remember that face.
She has been told: it is time that heals all.
With all she’s seen, she tends to disagree.
Time doesn’t heal her, it only burns all.
“Worry not,” she says, “we’ll return, we three.”
But who was the second? Who was the third?
How would she know? She’s the last among flames.
Not a reminder, But a prayer unheard,
Now with no one beside her, none to blame.
With no one to remember all she’s done,
She walks on,  to tomorrows setting sun.

Turned A Blind Eye


About, she whirls,
And all the world,
Sees a foolish, silly girl.
They don’t see
She’s turned to flee,
From the growing, this black sea.
Running from flame,
Always the same,
They don’t care from whence she came.
Though she does choke,
They can’t see the smoke,
Saying it’s naught but a childish joke.
She falls to her knees,
With them she pleas,
It’s right there, but they choose not to see.
They pass her by,
They turn a blind eye,
Dismiss her with something as simple as a sigh.
Around she twirls,
And the whole world,
Sees nothing more than a foolish girl.



When his words deserve to die,
He must go back and try
To find the answer to why.
Nothing different he stayed the same,
Changed no words,  gave no name.
But the wrong person heard to his shame.
Paying because another is too weak.
Punished for another who wont turn their cheek.
Because another sees everything as bleak.

We All Dream Of Heaven


We all dream of heaven,
Though we all cannot go.
Of the week, each seven,
Remind us, the dreams below.
Eerily reminiscent images on a wall,
Shows us the dreams that surface,
And tells us how far we fall,
With greed, unable to save face.
The same beneath a mask of death
We’re not very different,
Down to our last breath.
And there the image on the wall
She looks the same as you to me.
We are the same in death we fall,
We are the same in dreams we see.
We all dream of heaven,
And dream of it we must.
It’s the hope that keeps us going
Before fading into dust.