Monthly Archives: April 2015

Sleep As This


Such rest there was, and dreams as this,
Are those defined as kinds of bliss.
For those dreams so long absent,
I often doubted my minds ascent.
The sleep that only comes with the onset of dreams,
Was likely one that I’ve seldom deemed,
Anything less than necessary.
My ignorance spoke, I did not see.
I’ve missed this sleep and did not know it.
I’ve missed these dreams and those below it.
Dreams themselves,and that, that they,
Were the ones we’ve wished to save the day.
In and out, and out between,
These dreams of nothing, and those we need,
Are everything we need it seems,
To speak of all, and all we’ve seen.

One Pain Lessens Another


He was feeling rather thin ,
And somewhere that he,
Regretted fitting in.
It didn’t take too long to see,
That enduring the pain within,
Was sometimes necessary.
Unable to go back
He continues on,
Using the joy he lacks,
To sing his sorry song,
The pain keeps him on track.
It reminds him of where he belongs.
Unis peancino clesevenos annoseotheri.
One pain lessens another.
And these are the pains that we,
Must endure to protect each other,
And provide for our families,
While we bleed for our brothers.

It Lies Within

It has drunk the tears of many.
Of fears it has eaten plenty.
To devour all these awful things,
Is only of which this monster sings.
It thrives on misery and seeks happiness to destroy.
It searches for the destruction of any joy.
None endures and deals out more suffering than it can.
This is the beast we call man.
Such is its capacity for harm.
At this do not be alarmed.
Love it has in greater amount.
Among its qualities, this we must count.
For the sleeping love beneath its skin,
Is potentially more fearful than all its sin.

Pain and Safety: The Mirror Sestet poetry challenge


Pain brought to my wrist by the coming rain,
Rain bringing nothing to me but pain.
Insight worthless here, cannot think at night.
Night would dull the pain and my insight.
Can never be shown, I alone must search for land.
Land in safety: I must and I can.

A little bit about arthritic pain. The last two lines are about how sometimes one can do nothing about it but wait for it to pass.