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Our Burning House

Ignorance is bliss
Have you ever thought of this?
A burning building full of danger,
Seen by some as majestic splendor.
No. It’s destructive and people are dying.
“I see none escaping, are any even trying?
They should work harder at not being trapped,
Then they wouldn’t be so sad about where they’re at.”
While those in power hold the hose
And water hostage. Will only release those,
If the ones inside, for rescue, pay a fee.
The spectators:”This is not the job for you and me.”
The victims:”We have nothing to pay where will we turn?”
Those in power: “I guess you’ll have to burn.”
Those outside too far away:
“We can all help if a small amount we pay!”
Those close by: “I will not be forced! Out of our own free will, we must choose today.”
Others will die while they retain their “right to choose“.
Everyone will eventually suffer for this bruise.
While everyone has the right to safe roads,
So many will perish in their death throes.

A Day In A Song


My journey complete,
I rise to my feet,
And I wait for the days last bend.
No hour too long,
As I sing this song,
While night closes to end.
The morning sun,
Against me it runs.
I begin my days work.
To noon, to night,
Following the light,
Aware the shadows that lurk.
Come, come along,
A day in a song,
I’ll share before my sleep.
All the while not to worry,
Im in no such hurry,
Forever, to be my souls keep.

Day In Day Out


Back and forth and here again,
Not somewhere I rest my head,
A place my where sanity tends
To grow weary, and go to bed.
Coming going, in and out.
Others come here we’re the same,
It’s what we must and go about.
We’ve no choice but to play the game.



The end of this day,
I return to rest my feet.
I know not the next.