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Each Day


I am here for the morning
I am here for the day
I am here waiting,
For when you say,
I love you, I love you,
I love you don’t change.
But I don’t have to wait,
Because you tell me each day.


A Sonnet to Seasons Change


Within the forest, forever she sleeps.
The winter wind has tried to call her back.
No spring, no summer,  a constant sleep deep,
Any certainty of waking, she lacks.
How long has this winter been? Cold wind blows
Over what must soon come to be her grave:
A full moon and the snowy trees below.
This is all that is left from what she gave,
Where’s spring? No living memory holds summer.
“Oh, the ice! Where is the fair face of fall?”
A common lament of those who love her.
Not one, but many. Of them, she is all.
She is the snow, the rain, the heat, the wind.
From the snow sprouts a bud. New life begins.

A Twilight Never Dark


As the day is done,
The sunlight doth embrace,
Oh, my beautiful one,
The fairest of this race.
Within your smile bright,
A twilight never dark.
Never a lonely night,
From you I’ll not depart.
Clouds now mark the way,
For the changing of tomorrow,
Such wind and clouds a dark day?
No matter. With you I’ll not sorrow.
Though on the surface grow old
And outwardly you’ll change.
Your beautiful heart never grows cold.
With you I’ll forever remain.

The Lack Thereof


We find no peace within the swarm,
Between the calm and storm I’m torn.
There is necessity here but…
From this horde I wish to be cut.
Busy busy, never resting, never dreaming for lack of sleep.
Running, watching, searching, finding, but nothing for ourselves to keep.
This isn’t home but we’re here the most,
Always rushing unable to simply coast.
If we’re unhappy here, then why remain?
Is it worth it?  What do we gain?
While it may not be greener on the other side.
There in greater health I shall reside.
Placing this before myself: the happiness of my love,
Peace being the motive, or rather the lack thereof.

This is one about working a job you’re unhappy with and while change may be difficult one must do what is best for ones family, and put their needs first.

Old Doors


This open door
And none quite like it,
Made her wonder
How she found it.
Out of the dark,
Former claustrophobic.
She forgot the part,
Why she was home sick.
Having left once before,
Made her wary,
Of this same kind of door,
Now she tarry.
As she steps through,
A small tinge of regret,
Made her remember,
Why she chose to forget.

The Explorer


Once upon a time a man,
He, in doing all he can,
Took it upon himself to land ,
On a particular bank of sand.
Once he was there he saw,
A thing not unlike a maw,
And the frightening open jaws,
Of a ferocious, vengeful dog.
From the treetops, a ravens cry,
Though nothing there that he could spy.
He thought it was perhaps a lie,
And he would only believe his eye.
For feigned comfort, to himself did say:
“I’ll see clearly with light of day.
No matter ravens or dogs,I’ll remain brave.
These shadows! This mind! What tricks they play!”
But it was too much this fear.
He began to run but stopped in the clear.
“I can’t run, my goal is near!
If I stop now I’ll be unable to face my mirror!”
He pressed on though the fear did not leave.
There was a corner in his mind to which it cleaved.
He was successful in that he did deceive, When he said: “These fears aren’t real, do not believe.”

Reaching Goal


May this cold evening find me
While I’m working, searching, finding,
A way out from this madness, blindly.
With none other to confine me.
While I’m striving, don’t deny me.
What can’t be done; not caring,
Through this darkened world I’m fairing,
Undiscouraged and/or scaring,
Off from this unequal pairing,
Of body, mind, earth, and air things.
For once without and I’m this soul,
And all my days have taken toll,
An unequal pairing settles, and sends home,
Though in the mean time,
Don’t deny me finding whole,
And different ways of reaching goal.