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Reality Demands a Sacrifice

After all this time am I still awake?
Or am I still sleeping? One cannot know.
This a colored lens, anxieties take?
I don’t think it would make a difference so,
Our hours, what we perceive to be day,
Are spent towards the twilight leaning;
And what’s imagined to be night will say:
Rest. Awake. Do not spend all time dreaming.
Reality demands a sacrifice.
I will rise and in doing so procure
A dream that has enough blood to suffice.
What does the waking world hold that’s allure?
I will stay asleep and remember when,
Reality is a place I had been.

Winter is Not Far


In the darkened forest of
Those below and those above,
Followed I am through the dead and rustling leaves.
Summer sun or autumn light?
All but forgotten where I might
Have awoken in the midst of those lost trees.
My only clue is the warm
Of the breeze that around me swarms.
Here something whispers: “Winter is not far.”.
There’s a break in the canopy
That offers no new sight to see,
Only the grey that stretches on and on and on.
My steps carry me no farther
The wind carries words from afar, her
Messages are seldom those of comfort, much less of wisdom.
Raindrops and a cold now herald
The days end; my easy path turned feral.
Just how cold and wet remains for me to be seen.
No shelter, no end, no rest,
I wander on, and do my best,
To stay on a straight path, and not become more lost.
With daylight now expired
I sit, my eyes so tired,
And hope when I awaken that the world will be a different place.
I awake without opening my eyes
I’ll not do so voluntarily, something else must pry,
For the rustling of leaves tells me something I ought not to hear.
Standing up and pushing on,
I tread paths where nothing belongs,
And an echo of a whisper repeats: “Winter is not far.”

I Found Myself Awake


I don’t remember waking up, I am simply here.
Much like this, my dying then, will one day appear.
Between day and night, this transition,
Between waking and dreaming, those conditions,
The boundary seemed to fade.
Across this river, there was no toll that my soul was meant to pay.
Suddenly I’m dreaming, and just the same awake.
Suddenly I don’t remember when my sleep was forced to break.
Later I shall tire and to another dream then drift,
Where afterwards I’ll remain unable to recall such a rift.

So Tired of Sitting

javier-canales-160671.jpgMore and more he wanted to show,
How he hated the way I’ve grown
And lack of compassion shown,
But this dim light.
Here swallowing fear for so long,
The darkness has dimmed the sight
He once used to view hope.
And in it’s absence, he cried.

She wanted to love me more,
She said she could not before
I shed my despair. She says: “Just try!”
But I see no love in those eyes,
She lies.

Stay down. The conductor waits,
To preform another movement.
I’ll try to guess what that is.
So tired of sitting.
So tired of sleeping awake.

The Wise Womans Door


As she awakes and readies for her day,
She pays no heed to voices that dismay.
Misery loves company; this is others to decide:
Would it make a worthy ear in which their troubles to confide?
She isn’t one to keep the company of fools.
Round and round she’s danced with the liar and his duels.
She sees past the folly that most consider wise.
Just because many love it doesn’t mean she can’t dispise.
What others think she won’t ignore,
But doesn’t open when offense knocks on the door.

Easy As It Seems

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The approaching night and this end,
Will give this mind some time to mend.
Nearing completion of another long maze,
Waiting for what would free her of this haze.
Moonlight comforts not, the sun she does not adore,
More that she’s awake to see them,
And not there sleeping on the floor.
Any sleep escapes her call.
She never asks for much, if at all,
Though she hopes that once resting,
It will not take too long to fall.
There she is and waiting to dream,
For sometimes simply sleeping,
Is not as easy as it seems.


She’s awake! She’s awake!
Oh thank God she’s awake!
Oh, these sleepless nights of waiting,
Praying, hoping she’d awake!
Not so long ago her falling,
Not so long ago her death,
Sent her into eternal sleeping,
That I feared would be her death!
A sleep I never believed eternal,
Threatened to take her final breath!
I’ve been told I was so foolish,
For wishing something as grand as this!
I can’t believe your eyes are open!
I can’t believe you can finally see!
This love I’ve longed to show you!
Together we can finally be!
The moment I’d thought I lost you,
Regret overwhelmed me so,
That I’d never be able to tell you,
The thought that you’d never know,
Of the love I held within my heart,
Was something I promised to show.
You tell me you’ve been dreaming,
This dream you wanted to impart,
Was seemingly the reason
That you want me to hold your heart!
I didn’t think I could be so happy
As just now when you said,
All this time that something you dreamed,
Was just me inside your head!
Oh the love that we shall share!
Oh the life that we shall lead!
And finally when we are old,
When from life we’re at last freed
In the breath that is our last,
The only thing that we shall say:
“I’m so happy that you’ve loved me,
I’m so happy that you’ve stayed.”