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A Prayer To The god Of Cancer

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Oh small stick of sweet death,
More poison you give me with each breath.
Every time I see you I want more,
Every time I take you I regret my choice before.
You are my dictator, my tyrant.
My prayers, to you, are silent,
I hope this prayer will not be in vain.
I pray you; let me go, destroy my pain.
Oh graceful gray dancer,
Oh great god of cancer.

This one was written years ago when I was still addicted to smoking. Cigars, cigarettes, pipes. I loved all three. When my wife found out she was pregnant with our daughter I was able to quit cold turkey. One of the best choices I’ve ever made. 🙂 I’ve had family members die from it and many friends have multiple health complications because of smoking and I’m glad to be away from it.