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Where She Belongs


It’s getting harder to leave behind
Everything that’s brought to mind.
She tries to leave this with her fears;
Has she lost them, her best years?
What is left? What now remains?
What she has, what torments to blame?
Lying down and giving up,
She can’t drink from that cup.
With very few to help her carry on,
She strives for that place she’s always belonged.

Year’s End

A cold beginning to the end.
Grey but not sad,
Cold but not bad,
To the next year, this I send:
I will not sit and wait for you.
When I am ready,
You must be ready.
I will not stop to give you clues.

Pressing Onward Into the Future


She’s wept for lost days,
Those left behind and in between,
Weren’t always what they seemed.
And everything within this dream,
And living memory,
Those she sought not; unworthy deemed.
The years behind so far away
Though closer still than she remembers.
The faces missed,
The lips she kissed,
In that cold November.
Grief in her heart,
Now departs.
For thoughts of those closer.
Out of the past.
Grasping what lasts,
Pressing onward into the future.

A Year Passed


Rain in December.
Pain in November.
Grief in October.
Relief in September.
Fire in August.
Tired in July.
As such in June.
Much the same in May.
I knew once in April,
All through into March.
Contrary to February,
We conspired in January.