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All Pain Ends

One day, the devils own
Survive suprise everything
Anyone, any boulder falling
Too sharp. Undull.
A gathering and death of seagulls.
The vultures that pick.
Corpses devoured and souls untethered.
Such a troubled spirit.
Such a darkened tide.
In me would you confide?
Devil says he owns
But even his lease expires.
Why perspire? All fade
Each light dies.
Every pain ends.
Close your eyes.
Is a light still lit when no eyes perceive?
Will a shadow remain and still deceive?
You do not see, you cannot know
Say to yourself: “I am free.”
If you do not open your eyes
You cannot prove them lies.
Another day, the devils own,
He then sits upon his throne.
One of lies. His own.
Embrace your suffering, all pain ends.
The vultures picking bones do tend
To become a feast for worms.
Even the devil will eventually burn.

A Residence Of Worms


The calling of the crows
Said you were alone,
I’ll take you back to my home,
Hidden under a stone.
Clear skies or rain,
I’m waiting again.
I’m beyond the end of pain,
Where you’re then taken.
Of you, time might forget;
Of this I seldom wonder.
After that, what’d you expect?
When you are placed there under,
The feet of those who come after.
Once you’re laid with those before,
In the silence of the rafters,
In our house of worms and gore.