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By Herself

She is awoken by voices,
She is alone.
In a strange place
She calls home.
Echoing off the walls,
In the midst of silence found,
They who have no name,
Each of their words resound.
She hates the silence,
It’s when they are so loud.
Whatever noise she can make
To ward off absent sound.
There is a voice she fears above most,
The one who, from the silence, boasts.
She hates his persistence.
She is insistent that he leave.
She fails and fails and fails again.
Any other voice from the din!
The many shout at her,
She does not give in.
But the one quietly calls,
From behind a door that’s cracked open
When the others leave.
He calls to her, her fears.
Things forgotten from across the years,
And then she remembers why
They were pushed aside.
Then in her heart
She deeply wishes the voices to depart.
And she hears
So softly in her ear,
Him whisper:
“You will believe us absent, asleep,
You will rejoice in your soul deep.
You will forget what I tell you now
And you will remember each time we return our sound
You, in your fear, may not belong,
And we will never truly be gone.”

She closed her eyes,
And awoke alone; or so she was told.
She rose to the window,
And thought the sun too bright to be this cold.

Words Are Words

When words are words, that’s all they were,
Who tells you what to infer?
Looking beyond them, in too deep.
A nonexistent secret do they keep?
Something unsaid bothers you.
That same something bothers me too,
You dislike something I never said,
I dislike you won’t let it out of your head.
Just let it go, I didn’t mean it.
These words are words. Why can’t you see it?
But these words remain words, and that’s just it.
I’m too old to throw a fit.
So I’ll avoid this one that you don’t like,
So we don’t end up in another fight.



When his words deserve to die,
He must go back and try
To find the answer to why.
Nothing different he stayed the same,
Changed no words,  gave no name.
But the wrong person heard to his shame.
Paying because another is too weak.
Punished for another who wont turn their cheek.
Because another sees everything as bleak.