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Storms And Tides


He found her lies
Between the sighs,
And indifferent ties,
And what she had left to buy.
Above, grey skies,
Below, bitter lives.
But he decides to try,
While confessing she cries,
Forgiveness of the lies.
Secrets she confides,
Trust rebuilt, refined.
In love they now abide,
Forever side by side,
Through the storm, through the tide.

My Turn To Say Goodbye


For once it is my turn to say goodbye,
And you wondered if you would see the day.
Of all the unasked questions, don’t ask why.
You know the answer, to you I would say.
At one time I loved you, I truly did.
We had no need for secrets between us.
When first we had suffered, when first you hid.
The bridge that began to die was our trust.
And with that dead, nothing much left to save.
It was your choice, and you chose to end it.
Your tears are nothing but ash, burnt and grey.
You chose his over mine. You can keep it.
I’ll always miss you, it’s you I love most.
But this I can’t forgive, through it I can’t coast.