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The Moral of the Story Is

Sit in shadow,
Bathed by the light.
Wonder where to go,
Preparing to take flight.
I’ve nothing to take with me,
I’ve nothing to leave behind,
Naked into the world I enter,
And naked I leave it in kind.
I am solemn in the dark,
I’ll live and love what’s best,
Who’s to say what’s what?
Do you know the qualifying test?

Knowledge Through Fire


The towering titan tomorrow brings,
Such feelings of fear and uncertainty,
That I, small and weak, am afraid to sing,
Anything but doom, for that’s all I see.
And when the sunset transforms into dawn,
Nearly overcome for what awaits me,
Here I’ve been fearing this end all along.
Now no longer! From this I will not flee!
Accepting this as inevitable,
I will stand my ground and give it my best!
Not a question of whether I’m able,
It matters to me not. I’ll pass this test!
If not I’ll become stronger through fire.
If so, gain knowledge that won’t expire.