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At Risk of Drowning


Her skies have darkened just as times before,
Only now she’s not haunted by the night.
Gazed upon the ocean, yet stayed ashore,
Her tired excuse: the fading of days light.
She was born on this rock it’s enough to
Die on. Knowing there is more she arose.
In this way those years ashore she’ll undo;
Leaving her rock, to reflect what she’s chose.
She may fall down or be crushed by the waves,
Many times she’ll face the risk of drowning.
No matter the end this is how she’ll behave,
Always she’ll arise from floundering.
I only know this because she survived,
And from her example my hope revived.

Everyday Challenge


After all she’s said and done,
Tomorrow is just another one.
One more day,
One more fray.
Will she get the chance to rest?
The next hour,  the next test.
Will she get the chance before,
She’s passed through another door?
From across this thin line,
More challenges arise,
And like the other times,
She’l do what she must to survive.