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The Beauty Of A Silver Sunset


Poetry challenge week of may 11th

Once the silver snow has departed,
And from me the sparrow, parted,
With open wings into the sunset,
I shall dream of you if time will let.
Then in the silver moonlight,
Once the sun has set,
Your beauty on my mind tonight,
And in my memories I’ll not forget.
More beautiful than silver,
More brilliant than the setting sun,
Not an unpleasant sliver,
Of who has my heart won.
For all that’s loved
Is never truly lost,
It is waiting above,
More eternal than the frost.

As Sunset Becomes Sunrise


Staring off into some distant sunset,
Remembering all that was once said,
Of my conscience, it has left me.
Of my soul it has turned to flee.
I wish that this sunset would,
Bring me some hope that I could,
Retrieve all that I’ve lost,
And restore my soul no matter the cost.
But in all this wondering why,
I see the chance has passed me by
With another missed opportunity and more lost time,
I watch paralyzed,
As sunset becomes sunrise.



Into beauty this day was born
And through beauty it shall pass into death
The soft, rose-clouds comfort dusk in its last breath
Reluctant to let go though knowing it must,
Dusk struggles to shed one last light, like fading dust
And as dust fades into wind,
So this dusk shall fade into night
Then be re-born into dawns first light
Then that light once again becoming dusk,
Shall pass into beauty,
And fade like the dust

This one, another of my personal favorites, represents what I would like to do with my writing. That is, make something beautiful. I know all my poems aren’t pretty like this one, some of them can be sort of dark, but ultimately, I want to only make beautiful things and by extension make this world a little more so.