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Dark Stars

What paths illuminated by the small stars in the dark
Are to be tread when the deep hours of the night depart?
One may wander and stumble to and fro,
In doing so they squander what time they have to find home.
Given time one may learn what dim path to take
As long as the lesson they do not abbreviate.
Even the wisest are not certain of which dark star to follow,
But their minds are open to learn which ends are hollow.
We all choose a path and further down may choose another,
we cannot always tread the same way as our sisters and brothers.

Children of the Pride

In the silence we are one.
Let us go and have some fun.
In her sleeping, mother purring.
Our quiet keeps her from stirring.
In the shadows we are home,
A little place to call our own.
Mothers eyes are open watching,
To the hunt, us, she is calling.
She will show us many things,
Like what the silent night-time brings.
All of this and more we’ll learn:
Where to go straight and where to turn.
She tells us that when we’re older
We, not she, will be the shoulder
For the younger ones to borrow
Who will walk this earth tomorrow.

The Fall Of The Seven Sisters


Before the poem itself, I feel like I should give a little explanation/summary so that it is read in the proper context.  This is based on a short story I’m working on in which seven angels that are sisters are hunting a horrible monster called “The Weight of the World” across the multiverse and track it down, then destroy it finally but not before losing their own lives in the process.

His head made of fleshless bone.
From his lungs came an awful tone.
With six arms and no eyes,
One might wonder why they try.
His ashen hands and ashen feet,
Uses the mountains as his seat.
Once he took a bite of hill and chewed,
From one mouth flame and from his second, ash spewed.
A violet flame between his hands,
That turns the rocks into sand.
This thing with no purpose other than death,
Sought to steal their every breath.
She just lost her eye, her sight, her name was Kell,
Who led them all into this hell.
Autumn, Lilith, Lætha, Ren,
Wish they could return to where they’ve been.
Maris had fallen and Regina no voice.
The Weight of the World gives them no choice,
These six angels must fight, they must press on,
To send this thing back to where it belongs.
Without her sight she could still see,
Kell led them on, herself and these three,
Autumn, Lilith, Lætha. Above its head they flew,
For Regina and Ren this distraction had to do.
With her mind she spoke, Regina said,
“We must cut out its heart if we want it dead.”
Autumn and Kell decided to try,
Foolishly, to see if they could make it die.
Lilith and Lætha gave their protests,
But followed knowing this was made in duress.
Lilith brandished her scythe, neatly dodging a plume
Of ash and flame, that caught Lætha in its fumes.
Below on the rocks she crashed and died,
Her sisters, for her, had no time to cry.
By the time Regina and Ren had each taken off a hand,
Three other angel blades found in its neck a place to land.
The Weight of the World had no time to struggle,
As three blades spun around its neck, its blood making a puddle,
An ocean, a sea. Its severed head had a bloody pall.
Then Kell was caught in a violet flame that was seen by all.
Now seething with a rage that made it seem previously tame,
From its hands, now scarlet, the sisters dodged these flames.
The same as Kell,
Now Autumn fell,
Caught in the merciless fire.
“Fly into his neck! His open throat! Lest we all expire!”
Regina spoke into her sisters minds.
“Down his throat, and there’s his heart where we can repay in kind!”
Then speeding towards that bloody stump, where once it had a head,
The angels flew,
These remaining few,
Now all but three were dead.
Ren saw a flame that Lilith did not, and rushed to get between,
Just two left, Regina saw a final chance it seemed.
Her remaining life force, channeled into a spell, that she used to freeze,
The monster in place. Now reaching its throat, for Lilith should be a breeze.
Unable to move, its flames extinguished, the monster could only wait.
Now she knew, from this thing, there would be no escape.
Liliths blade found its heart,
There she tore it apart.
Its death began to quicken,
Its arms and flames, they tore at where it had been painfully stricken.
She’d broken both wings, couldn’t escape, and clinging to her blade,
She thought of all the lives that they had died to save.
There in its death throes,
Lilith came to know,
She’d soon be with her sisters whom she had loved so.
And as the black that is not night, darkened both her eyes,
She welcomed it and welcomed death, and did not even cry.
She would be with her sisters soon in death
And that,
Was something worth more than breath.