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This face on the ground
With debris all around,
If it had a mouth
What would it say?
If eyes, what would it see today?
The stealer of identity
A silencer of secrecy.
It becomes anyone and anything,
As swiftly as the past takes wing,
It can be everyone and no one.
And nothing and all blood.
There behind its simple facade,
It laughs, and pretends to be God.

Shadows Follow

We are followed everyday by shadow,
By the long shadows of our future selves.
Time has no meaning in an endless flow,
Where shadows patiently wait for our tales,
When they will be told in a different light.
How is it we’re constantly in sunset?
In sunset about to pass into night.
Darkness,when we return to sleep so blessed.
All our cold shadows sit and wait and see,
When we arise, where we might float and go.
When life-blood loosens its grip and we’re free.
There’s a secret to the sunset I know:
“One wakes only in the twilight of day.”
Our shadows to us, have oft’ tried to say.

Pain We Keep

In the light of those that were,
Something else is there inferred.
Evidence before us burned,
Dark secrets there interred.
I dreamt the secrets then, were ferried,
To the opposing shore were carried,
With spoken words not yet buried
In our foolishness we tarried,
With the crushing guilt of what remains.
In our silence nothing gained.
There was no joy or peace. Only pain.
Our souls that day saw naught but rain.
This is the bed in which we sleep.
No peaceful dreaming, restful, deep.
No turning tide, no faithful leap,
This is the pain that we must keep.

One Can Keep A Secret If…


Ask me no secrets; I shall tell no lies.
All of what I know is in the open,
All of what I tell you is true reply.
Let that not change, let lies not be chosen.
With my mouth stitched shut, I shall keep this thought.
During the coming day they are prying.
I have earned this secret with trust I bought.
I will not fail this, for I am trying.
Asking, prying eyes, the curious tells,
They ask again. Mistakenly I give.
On untrustworthy ears, this secret fell.
A misjudgment corrected, they won’t live.
No more they pry, for what’s in my head.
I keep secrets, the other two are dead.

Words Are Words

When words are words, that’s all they were,
Who tells you what to infer?
Looking beyond them, in too deep.
A nonexistent secret do they keep?
Something unsaid bothers you.
That same something bothers me too,
You dislike something I never said,
I dislike you won’t let it out of your head.
Just let it go, I didn’t mean it.
These words are words. Why can’t you see it?
But these words remain words, and that’s just it.
I’m too old to throw a fit.
So I’ll avoid this one that you don’t like,
So we don’t end up in another fight.