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Or So I’m Told

I had died atop a wall and my grave found me smiling.
I died not from the fall, but in the change of dying.
Form to form, now not the same.
As one who sleeps through winter
No snow on my eyes fallen,
As in death there is no winner.
Through seasons of my body? No,
Through seasons of my soul.
My former self has died, but I
Shall live on or so I’m told.


Wind from another time and place.
Blowing in, revealing a different face.
One face to another that face did say:
Among the autumn leaves, come to play.
A sunset in fall before the winter snow.
One last embrace before the fading of hearts glow.
Far beyond springtime and those carefree days past,
Even summer had mourned and into shadows cast,
Any semblance, any thought that bore
Resemblance to a memory that one could not ignore.
Now here in autumn, waiting for the snow,
Praying winter, its face, it won’t forget to show.

Through a Haze, Hope


In the wake of this dark ship,
It passing by with my hopes and dreams,
Unclearly seen through a miasmic
Haze left by it, I try to clear my eyes and breathe.
Trapped in this slough, but only halfway.
Light can be seen,
Such as at the end of day.
A light that gives some hope much-needed.
Though quickly it’s fading,
Time remains enough that it’s seeded.
And within my brain what remains of reason,
Encourages some strength to pass this season.

A Sonnet to Seasons Change


Within the forest, forever she sleeps.
The winter wind has tried to call her back.
No spring, no summer,  a constant sleep deep,
Any certainty of waking, she lacks.
How long has this winter been? Cold wind blows
Over what must soon come to be her grave:
A full moon and the snowy trees below.
This is all that is left from what she gave,
Where’s spring? No living memory holds summer.
“Oh, the ice! Where is the fair face of fall?”
A common lament of those who love her.
Not one, but many. Of them, she is all.
She is the snow, the rain, the heat, the wind.
From the snow sprouts a bud. New life begins.

Frozen Pond

I am the eye within reflects the stranger,
The hole in the ground that reflects the sky.
Everything around grows colder, shoulders
Carry much more. The clouds, the eyes that cry.
And one step closer to the winter
Remind me of the days that pass.
One more blink and it’s all over
Come what may, this too shall pass.
Daily colder, the forest dances over me,
Memories torn asunder: summer.
Though I do not wait for spring, I sleep.
Knowing this dream is mine to keep.

Summer Lets Go


On the wind, all the same.
Through the seasons nothing came.
Even now, summer dies.
Every tree you see, cries.
They know that with its passing,
They won’t be much longer lasting.
As I wait for winter,
They wait for spring.
And summer, the heretic sinner,
The procrastination king,
Lingers on through October,
Autumn has no need to sober,
Allowing winter to take her prize,
And darken sunny skies.
Softly sleeping beneath the snow,
The earth sighs,
As summer finally lets go.

Her Once Cold Death


Rushing on, gathering snow,
Just one of the ways the kind wind blows.
Before she passes, before her change,
Now who comes with her but the spring rain?
Though she tries, she can’t change season
She’s just another the trees throw leaves on.
Summers dust, and autumns leaves,
They’re now in the past you see,
And at the end of ten thousand more,
She’ll try to change it again before,
She dies in the snow and winters cold,
Only to be reborn in the spring, I’m told.
Where the warm sun revives her breath,
And makes sweet her once cold death.