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A Rebellion of Waves 

For waves the sea recedes and rocks that mark its bed,
One sees where sand lets go of another ones dread.
In swelling, falling, crashing, rising, each one tells of the others end.
In vain they argue, a discord of water and sand,
Their frigid spectators, the cliffs behind and the vigilant land.
Such steep demands, the sand tolerates no tribute,
Endlessly dancing in rebellion, they inevitably convolute.

Empty Thoughts


My mind has been empty,
Empty, to remain and to be.
Around it a fog that I cannot see through.
Through which I cannot see you!
What is sight that I cannot see you?
It saps my strength I can hardly stand,
As if my feet are planted in the sand.
Gazing out to sea I hope to catch,
A lasting glimpse of you that,
Would give some solace on this shore,
As I search for bedrock, without which I can’t endure.

Over Oceans


She wanders alone and unafraid,
Fearless with nothing left to lose.
Lonely? Never. It’s not a path to choose.
Over the oceans, her plans laid.
Often thinks of why she left it;
Her birthplace still home, and how
She misses it but not so much now.
With what life offers, she has no desire to sit.
Wandering across her narrow path of stone,
Down the straight and narrow she was never truly alone.

Request of the Sea


Darkened sea
Hear my plea,
Allow me safe passage ‘ore thee.
I remember once that we
Were friends
A reason that should change,
I cannot see.
The wind, rain, and waves.
On and on for days.
I have said, hear me say,
That friends we should stay,
Let it not end this way.
A changed mind,
I find.
I miss the days that you were kind.
Tonight I am blind.
I will not see the wave
That sends me to my kind.
Dead man sailing.
At least I know they’ll miss me;
Those I leave behind.

Requiem for a Day too Long


Within the wreckage
So much pain.
Not all lost,
But not much gained.
This failing vessel,
Blind to the sea,
I never know
What’s awaiting me.
All is drained,
The fuel gone.
Now for my broken soul
And it’s sad song.
A requiem for a day too long.

End Time


She sat there waiting for the sun to set.
Between the shoreline and mountain, waiting.
Here a memory,  near her heart is kept.
There she guards it to keep it from fading.
It is unknown whom she is waiting for,
And watching to return from the cold sea.
Or perhaps from beyond the mountains ‘ore
He’ ll fly. Her lover, friend, maybe a she?
It matters not. In those eyes pure love burns.
I needn’t see the face nor hear the name,
To know she feels pain in waiting her turn,
Though she loves with love,  and is loved the same.
At the foot of mountains, on the shoreline,
She’ll wait with her love until the end time.


Of Sleep and Dreams


Resting, swirling, falling deep
Into this am I to keep,
A steady rhythm as I sleep,
From one so easily to seep,
Outside of this brain I keep?
Awake with the rhythm and so failing
To keep my sleep and now complaining,
In my dreams I may be flailing,
All to keep this one from tailing,
Me to my sea of dreams and sailing.
Hiding ‘neath the moonlight ‘ore,
Me myself, my brain, and more,
Shall stay the sea and sweep the shore,
That part of me I’m looking for
That seeped out and denies me sleep. Why for?