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While I only touch water
My reflection touches me.
At the same time
These eyes see only world
But through his,
What magic can unfurl?
I speak to my reflection, sad,
For I cannot hear his words
He feels the same as I, it’s true,
For he mouths the same words I do.

Against Cold Tide


One more cold wind and all that it sustains:
Sad dreams, feigned smiles, but more so the latter.
Beneath the placid surface calm remains
Before the storm, all I have to catch her.
I cannot gain or get any closer.
She is a vapor, in essence a breath.
This race. I can’t say what it has cost her;
It’s sure to lead to her untimely death.
She is the fragile calm before the storm,
The lonely rock standing against cold tide.
What can I do with a sad maiden, torn?
Nothing but simply remain by her side.
Sad dreams?  Not for long. Short lived are feigned smiles.
Through the light and dark I’ll stay all the while.

Hope To Carry On


From some fading light it hides,
Stifling all the while a cry.
Within without the sanity so,
It can never truly let go.
Every minute waiting,
Every moment in its path,
Something essential left for wanting,
Though can’t reach up and make it last.
Every day shorter than the one before.
One might be surprised that dying,
Wasn’t already on the floor.
There in its crying it might say,
“This is just another day.”
And will look forward to the next,
Searching for some way in small to be blessed.