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To Find A Name


I’ll keep on running.
What’s my name?
I’ll keep on hiding.
What’s my name?
I’ll keep on asking,
What’s my name,
Until the answer
Isn’t the same.

I don’t know,
Is that all?
I don’t know,
Was that a call?
I don’t know
Anything at all,
I thought I heard
A name softly fall.

That’s not it!
There must be more.
Again must hear it!
There must be more.
This doesn’t fit!
Is there more?
Perhaps I’ve heard nothing,
And heard nothing before.

Running From?


Within her and the quickening of red,
Frantically looking about the landscape.
Against the nearest wall, she beats her head.
What is she searching for? Is it escape?
She doesn’t know, with her memory grown,
So dark and into the mist, and faded,
She wonders if her sanity has flown.
To what cold cage was her freedom traded?
She is running again, always running.
Wanting to look back, but not knowing why.
Onward and running, trusting her cunning,
Never being able to stop,  she cries.
So frantic and running and cold and cracked,
Running and running, no time to look back.