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Considering Decay

I found a bone
I brought it home
It once walked over dirt and stone,
It held a creatures flesh and skin,
It was partially the vessel the soul had traveled in.
I found a bone, a bone called sin.
I found a bone, the bone was dead.
Though alive in my head,
To me it said:
“What I was, I no longer am,
Though you hold me still I stand,
And one day will become the sea and land.”
I set it down then to display,
How it still stands, in a way,
How it still moves, and runs and plays.
You’ll see this too, if you consider decay.

Trap Of Lies


Weaving words, this trap of lies,
The hiding truth within denies.
Wondering where and how time flies,
It’s running out for her this time.
She can’t escape, though she runs,
At first she thought it would be fun,
So then she tried another one,
But still she wasn’t done.
Can’t put it down, all alone.
This trap of lies, now her throne.
All because she won’t let go,
Of a weight so easily thrown.

Cain And Abel (To Find A Name part 2)


“Come with me, ” with open arms he said,
“And out of the cold.
Out here you’ll soon be dead,
You need us
To dance around inside your head.”
There was a laugh as he
Outstretched his hand confidently.
“This is what you want
You’ll see.”
I stepped forward, wanting.
I stepped forward,
Unable to turn away.
Many questions daunting,
But only one could I say:
“What’s my name?”
“What’s your name?” he said, suprised I asked.
“Your name is Cain,
Your name is Abel.
You are the killer,
You are unstable.
You are the victim,
You’re in such pain.
Just ask.
Remember your fame.”
I couldn’t, I shouldn’t, I must.
I turned. I ran.
I didn’t trust.
I’m Cain, I’m Abel?
Why must I know?
I’ll run until I find,
An ending to this fable.

Running From?


Within her and the quickening of red,
Frantically looking about the landscape.
Against the nearest wall, she beats her head.
What is she searching for? Is it escape?
She doesn’t know, with her memory grown,
So dark and into the mist, and faded,
She wonders if her sanity has flown.
To what cold cage was her freedom traded?
She is running again, always running.
Wanting to look back, but not knowing why.
Onward and running, trusting her cunning,
Never being able to stop,  she cries.
So frantic and running and cold and cracked,
Running and running, no time to look back.

A Fang In The Dark


Twisting out from underneath,
Narrowly escaping through the breach.
Something chasing,  close behind.
The brain so tired. Needs to unwind.
Running from what? Unknown.
This fear so deep, scraping even bone.
Its there, I know it. I dare not turn around.
I feel its breath and fall to the ground.
Turning around only fangs I see,
Dear god what will become of-