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Windswept I,
Gaze upon an unforgiving sky
Indifferent to me and mine.
It is kind to me,
But not because it cares,
The blue sky apathetic
To the way I stare.
Wind blows,
But does not speak to me
Although I hear its words.
I know,
On the waves of this raucous green sea,
I will remember nothing,
And no one will remember me.

Todays Shadow

So often asleep,
I awake, unaware of
How many days pass.

My mind is tired,
Won’t try to remember why
In todays shadow.

Remembering Flight


A rememberance of flight.
That fatal turn right,
Another mistake made,
A wing broken that day.
No regret, they paid no price,
And said nothing of their vice.
One, two, three times flown and this
They thought ignorance was bliss.
Now regret the currency of what they owe,
Perhaps caution, next time, is what they’ll show.

That Which Was Lost

Overwhelming to the point of breaking.
This last thought, the straw, broke the camels back.
A grief so heavy, such life force taken.
The strength to go on is something he lacks.
How long to remember? How long to hold?
What would be different if known what was last?
Now to sit and watch the wreckage unfold.
He crumbles and more so than others, fast.
A preposterous idea proposed:
“Maybe, just maybe.” he hears himself say,
And looking up to the sky, his eyes closed,
Asking if he’ll see her again one day.
All at once he screams, for he does not know,
Awakening those who await below.

In the Wake of the Profane


In the wake of the profane,
Clouds were darkened, skies were grey.
The price she paid, the cost was pain.
When time wasted the day away.
Lost minutes and hours, lost moments,
They are the waters of this sea, and
Vast is this ocean oblivion blows in.
Beneath these waves, cast so much she,
Can hardly remember anything.
Having followed the profane,
Now left bits and scraps not sane.
One of her many rewards: regret.
The reason why, not remembering,
She succeeded to forget.

Pressing Onward Into the Future


She’s wept for lost days,
Those left behind and in between,
Weren’t always what they seemed.
And everything within this dream,
And living memory,
Those she sought not; unworthy deemed.
The years behind so far away
Though closer still than she remembers.
The faces missed,
The lips she kissed,
In that cold November.
Grief in her heart,
Now departs.
For thoughts of those closer.
Out of the past.
Grasping what lasts,
Pressing onward into the future.

Cain And Abel (To Find A Name part 2)


“Come with me, ” with open arms he said,
“And out of the cold.
Out here you’ll soon be dead,
You need us
To dance around inside your head.”
There was a laugh as he
Outstretched his hand confidently.
“This is what you want
You’ll see.”
I stepped forward, wanting.
I stepped forward,
Unable to turn away.
Many questions daunting,
But only one could I say:
“What’s my name?”
“What’s your name?” he said, suprised I asked.
“Your name is Cain,
Your name is Abel.
You are the killer,
You are unstable.
You are the victim,
You’re in such pain.
Just ask.
Remember your fame.”
I couldn’t, I shouldn’t, I must.
I turned. I ran.
I didn’t trust.
I’m Cain, I’m Abel?
Why must I know?
I’ll run until I find,
An ending to this fable.