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Observing Tide

An angel looked dismayed as they were walking by,
In the morning light reflected off of pools of blood collecting flys,
Buzzards, vultures, coyotes, and the occasional hyena.
No longer to delay,
Awake another blood-filled day,
Out of the sea; the five heads of the beast were screaming.
No one asked for the heroes,
And thought of them as zeros
While they were fighting the beast that didn’t need exterminating.
Morning came again with the red tide.
So many fallen that should not have died,
From ignorance alone,
The beast called the sea his home.
And so will many more after this reading.
Cheers to the callous fools who have no feeling.
I do not often see red tide retreating.

Frozen Pond

I am the eye within reflects the stranger,
The hole in the ground that reflects the sky.
Everything around grows colder, shoulders
Carry much more. The clouds, the eyes that cry.
And one step closer to the winter
Remind me of the days that pass.
One more blink and it’s all over
Come what may, this too shall pass.
Daily colder, the forest dances over me,
Memories torn asunder: summer.
Though I do not wait for spring, I sleep.
Knowing this dream is mine to keep.