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I Found Myself Awake


I don’t remember waking up, I am simply here.
Much like this, my dying then, will one day appear.
Between day and night, this transition,
Between waking and dreaming, those conditions,
The boundary seemed to fade.
Across this river, there was no toll that my soul was meant to pay.
Suddenly I’m dreaming, and just the same awake.
Suddenly I don’t remember when my sleep was forced to break.
Later I shall tire and to another dream then drift,
Where afterwards I’ll remain unable to recall such a rift.

My Oblivion

When this mind remembers only,
Only then I’ll suddenly forget.
Nothing that my dreams have told me
Will prevent me from being beset,
By the enemies of my sanity:
The lonely, the missing, this mind.
It does wander ever through calamity
To find more of its own kind.
The sane to the mad. Opposites attract.
Patiently awaiting a new day.
Hoping, then, to find my mind intact.
These false hopes, at dawn will make me pay.
Here, in the new days light,
I won’t remember anything that
I’ve learned this previous night.
There upon my oblivion I sat-

I’d try to recall what I was saying to you,
But my wandering mind, most likely won’t speak true.