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Hello World

Hello world. Here I am.
My first thought today was: Damn.
I was scared for you to see my face
I wanted to hide without a trace.
It had already begun: this day.
And curse you! Without my say!
I was not ready, I was unprepared.
I did not want you to give me a dare.
But here I sit now unafraid.
And while on my back I am laid,
I’ll wait, now ready.
Bring me your loathsome stream so steady,
And filled with the troubles of everyday life!
I’ll wait for you ready to fight.
No longer fearing night to give birth to the day,
If you’ll listen, you’ll hear me say:
“I will no longer hide, this is who I am.
Hello world. Here I am.”

Year’s End

A cold beginning to the end.
Grey but not sad,
Cold but not bad,
To the next year, this I send:
I will not sit and wait for you.
When I am ready,
You must be ready.
I will not stop to give you clues.