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This of That Dark Hill (In the Echo of Yesterday)


The light of this new day,
To the horizon shown the way.
Wanting to stay in the shadow
Of yesterday’s final echo.
But moving forward to the bright,
And shining promise, I just might.
Such comfort held by darkness; darkness it is still,
Enervated, grasping for a hold on this dark hill.
No hope for the peak have I.
I’ve seen it and don’t want it. Why try?
Now left in the echo of yesterday,
This of that dark hill is all I’ll say.


Faithful Promises


The faithful promises that hold her,
All that’s allowed to pass her by.
The days come to an end,
In the same way does the night.
More faithfulness this promise lends
Than the changing of dark to light,
From the fires in the autumn,
To the waters that fall in spring.
With these she has such a song,
The silence ceases as she sings,
Of the promise of the morning,
Of what this new day will bring.

The first piece I’ve written based on one of my wifes paintings. The first of many I’m hoping 🙂 check out her other works at: http://www.relentlesslovecreations.com


Promise me you’ll love me, promise me you’ll stay.
Promise me you’ll miss me each and every day.
Promise you’ll be waiting when I’ve gone away
And if you say this I’ll promise to do the the same.
I’ll promise to love and give you all my cares.
I promise I’ll stay with you not just on pleasant days.
I promise to never leave you, and my promises I keep.
I promise to hold you when you’re old and weak.
And when we both shall die, my last whisper shall be:
I have always loved you, just as you have always loved me.