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A Sea Of No Placid Dream


As each cold wave on the shoreline crashing,
She solemnly stands waiting for the tide.
The merciless surf, on the beach breaking.
Not admitting, but this is where she wants to hide.
I’ve seen her watch the wave through the seasons,
Their call, she has never given answer.
One cannot know for certain the reason,
But she is no coward. That, I’ll give her.
She’ll find no comfort in death, this is known.
The ocean waves will bring no placid dreams,
She will not hide in this sleep of death so,
Away she walks from the sea and its team-
Ing with despair she wants none of today.
To never return to that beach, she’ll say.

This one is about a woman who, after years of struggling with  thoughts of suicide, ultimately realizing that death is not the answer and proving herself strong and brave after having been to the edge, she is able to walk away and never turn back.