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Unintentionally Immortal

Held onto the same place for centuries.
Then she wandered for a hundred years more.
This journey could not be explained to me.
She searched high and low, ahead and before,
She searched, untethered to a time and space.
Time, a circle; past, present, future, now.
More in the past than elsewhere know her face,
And more faces than memory allows.
After me there will be more, and more blood.
As long as she wanders and doesn’t stay,
There will be no waves of foes like a flood.
To this day, her name, mystery remains.
She’ll no longer humor my inquiries.
Being Immortal Unintentionally.

Cain And Abel (To Find A Name part 2)


“Come with me, ” with open arms he said,
“And out of the cold.
Out here you’ll soon be dead,
You need us
To dance around inside your head.”
There was a laugh as he
Outstretched his hand confidently.
“This is what you want
You’ll see.”
I stepped forward, wanting.
I stepped forward,
Unable to turn away.
Many questions daunting,
But only one could I say:
“What’s my name?”
“What’s your name?” he said, suprised I asked.
“Your name is Cain,
Your name is Abel.
You are the killer,
You are unstable.
You are the victim,
You’re in such pain.
Just ask.
Remember your fame.”
I couldn’t, I shouldn’t, I must.
I turned. I ran.
I didn’t trust.
I’m Cain, I’m Abel?
Why must I know?
I’ll run until I find,
An ending to this fable.

To Find A Name


I’ll keep on running.
What’s my name?
I’ll keep on hiding.
What’s my name?
I’ll keep on asking,
What’s my name,
Until the answer
Isn’t the same.

I don’t know,
Is that all?
I don’t know,
Was that a call?
I don’t know
Anything at all,
I thought I heard
A name softly fall.

That’s not it!
There must be more.
Again must hear it!
There must be more.
This doesn’t fit!
Is there more?
Perhaps I’ve heard nothing,
And heard nothing before.