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Low Lights

Low lights speak your name.
The red and orange; no moonlight to dull them.
You wander nighttime streets through fog to see,
Or to not see. Why else by night?
A cradle of second sunrise,
If you make it you’ll be mine.
We shall see in time,
If these red lights stain your eyes.

Of Sleep and Dreams


Resting, swirling, falling deep
Into this am I to keep,
A steady rhythm as I sleep,
From one so easily to seep,
Outside of this brain I keep?
Awake with the rhythm and so failing
To keep my sleep and now complaining,
In my dreams I may be flailing,
All to keep this one from tailing,
Me to my sea of dreams and sailing.
Hiding ‘neath the moonlight ‘ore,
Me myself, my brain, and more,
Shall stay the sea and sweep the shore,
That part of me I’m looking for
That seeped out and denies me sleep. Why for?