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Under Quiet Sky

She holds the eye that freeze time.
She chastises cold and space and time.
While the world sleeps and passes by,
She stands in snow, under quiet sky.
As for the eye that she holds,
For now it shall remain closed.
Until the moment it opens and,
A moment lost, then held in hand.

Dedicated to my friend Carole D.

No More


He was in the moment, and the moment is gone.
There in a place he doesn’t belong.
So much fighting outside rages,
But not yet set in histories pages.
The choice is his and his alone,
Will he watch quietly from his throne?
Or stand and act to save his land,
His home falls no more!  It stands!
This choice made him who he is now,
Here with sober mind and furrowed brow,
Regret is now longer required,
He forgets why, but these days have expired.
Now stepping forward with a new found hope,
He’ll see home again, with the wait he can cope.

Days Death


Into the sunshine
Enjoying the passing of time.
Nothing giving,
Taking nothing.
A six days times killing.
I do not wait for it to end,
I do not wait it to begin.
A passing of time savored,
My tired form labored.
But not.
One more moment caught.
Before the day is lost.
A final breath,
And sleep before the days death.