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The kings Walls Have Eyes

Why do the watching spy?
This question of the eyes
That congregate on the wall,
Who are they watching if at all?
“Their gaze is cast on those,
Who with violence would impose.”
Fools! The eyes are cold and cannot see
Into the hearts of you and me.
They grow from fear and it permits
A listener now to come and sit.
Now that the kings walls have ears as well,
Tell me,
What safety is there with such secrets to sell?


From above looking

Down, at the coastline distant.

Listening, watching. 

Buried the Evidence


They bury all the evidence,
Secrets of poison, such escaping.
Bury all the evidence.
Rather than blind a thousand eyes,
Bury all the evidence.
Cemetery. A new home.
Once buried is the evidence,
Ears began listening,
Eyes began searching.
They buried all the evidence,
But the space left behind could not be covered.
They bury all the evidence,
But still they run; no rest for the wicked.