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To Fear Change

I am the only one here
It is obvious others have gone on before me,
I’m sure more will follow.
I am alone.
However a lonely lie I do repeat
You cannot convince me otherwise.
I fall,
And upon climbing back up from the valley
The echo of a lonely lie calls back from afar.
The path is barren.
I descend into fog for fear of reaching the summit.


Horrible Wonder


There’s a past and there’s a future,
There’s a way to hell and back.
Between burning lines.
The bridges, they have fallen,
And there is no turning back.
The smoke screen blinds these eyes.
I now have a future,
That you can’t destroy,
With a touch of your hand,
On my hand…
You have been a horrible wonder,
And I’ve been waiting at a distance so long.
You have made an awful old scene.
I don’t regret my choices,
You horrible wonder.
There’s a secret in the falling,
And the way to pain is paved,
With the heartbeat of lies.
I wanted to,
I let myself.
I let myself be decieved.
Now I’ve finally woke up.
You have been a horrible wonder
I ask if you’ve loved me at all.
The bridge back to you is lying in ashes,
My dreams likewise in cinders,
You horrible wonder.

Time Will Tell


Time will tell if he is only
Worth such trouble and dying slowly,
Already at the end of his rope,
Strength fading, but still, hope!
Everything that he was told,
These lies, to him that were sold.
“Wake up! Sleep no longer!”,
Forever silent cries,
“Listen fool, awaken stronger.”
Or on deaf ears fallen will he die?
We will see on the morrow,
Will he rise and cease to borrow
Or take that wisdom and then sell
It off?
Only time will tell.

Prodigal Daughter

A cold morning soon gone,
Another path she won’t belong.
Everything she’s said and done,
Remembered by another one.
It’s too heavy. She can’t carry this alone.
When in truth she isn’t, they wait for her at home.
But the lie that she’s conceived,
Would say none would be pleased.
In truth again: they would forgive.
They just hate to see her gone,
And in darkness live.
Waiting for her every day with open arms,
Hoping she’ll return to them, safe from harm.

Guilt Faltered


How my guilty conscience must be swayed,
If by decline and moral decay,
One were to hold me back and say:
“Give in, there’s no other way.”
Hoping my weakness to then fail.
Hoping my strength to rise up and prevail,
I sit by silently and wail.
Hope without action becomes stale.
By the time that’s tried and true,
It will be too late for you,
To bring, pull, or drag me through.
So many lies, what is true?
Oh, there you are! My guiding light!
Will you stay with me tonight?
My safety stolen, giving fright.
We’ll hide until we can take flight.
Until that light I need no longer.
Its absence will make me stronger.
I’ll not hide in darkness bothered,
By infection of guilt faltered.

Trap Of Lies


Weaving words, this trap of lies,
The hiding truth within denies.
Wondering where and how time flies,
It’s running out for her this time.
She can’t escape, though she runs,
At first she thought it would be fun,
So then she tried another one,
But still she wasn’t done.
Can’t put it down, all alone.
This trap of lies, now her throne.
All because she won’t let go,
Of a weight so easily thrown.

Storms And Tides


He found her lies
Between the sighs,
And indifferent ties,
And what she had left to buy.
Above, grey skies,
Below, bitter lives.
But he decides to try,
While confessing she cries,
Forgiveness of the lies.
Secrets she confides,
Trust rebuilt, refined.
In love they now abide,
Forever side by side,
Through the storm, through the tide.