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I am the gate to wisdom,
I am knowings door.
I am a ship left stranded
On a distant forgotten shore.
I contain all knowledge, yet abandoned,
I am a rock on which to moor.
Certainly a burden,
But a cure to ignorance and fear.
Ignorance or I?
Who shall first disappear?


Curious, burdened.
Seeking, learning, nothing?
Truth, insight, knowledge, discernment.
Asking, understanding,nothing.
Honest, heavy.

Everything We Think We Know


Oh the things we think we know,
When we are small and started to grow,
When we were better than what our parents showed.
Oh the things we think we know.
And when we’re out and on our own,
Far away from what we called home.
We feel something deep within our souls,
That was different from things we know.
Then we can sit back with these things,
And savor the wisdom that they bring.
When we realize, how our souls begin to sing,
This fact that we don’t know anything.
Then the shaping of our minds,
Becomes faster and wiser in time.
This teaches us to be kind.
And how to see the cloud for its silver line.
Oh the things we know we think,
When we are young. Before we sink.
Before we fall faster than a blink.
Oh the everything we know we think.