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No Use In Asking Ashes

Transcendent fire on the forest floor
Lifts one higher than before.
Not unlike dust in the wind,
Smoke curls in and out again.
Rising above the trees below
She sees the ashes she did sow.
And in destructions wake it seems,
A moment to take and slowly breathe.
The pale rose sunset against a sky too long,
Ushers in a dimmer dawn.
No use in asking ashes “What if?”
She lifts herself to give the sky a kiss.

Artwork by loish at http://www.loish.net

Pressing Onward Into the Future


She’s wept for lost days,
Those left behind and in between,
Weren’t always what they seemed.
And everything within this dream,
And living memory,
Those she sought not; unworthy deemed.
The years behind so far away
Though closer still than she remembers.
The faces missed,
The lips she kissed,
In that cold November.
Grief in her heart,
Now departs.
For thoughts of those closer.
Out of the past.
Grasping what lasts,
Pressing onward into the future.

One Whom She’s Beside


A perfect love sleeping beside
The one who I am and mine,
Greatest effort dies, subsides,
In an attempt to curtail such a tide
As my passion, my design.
To do so without disturbing her disguise-
Of sleep as she waits for a kiss in time.
I cannot. My desire, does not subside.
A kiss I give to she who is sublime.
And now we
Forever sleep and will be:
She next to me,
And I, one whom she’s beside.