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Dreams Keep


After long last search
He’s found his day.
For so long in the lurch,
It’s now over, and glad to say.
After this; a rest required,
And looking forward to sleep,
His mind long since expired,
He’ll wait to drift off to his dreams keep.

A Day In A Song


My journey complete,
I rise to my feet,
And I wait for the days last bend.
No hour too long,
As I sing this song,
While night closes to end.
The morning sun,
Against me it runs.
I begin my days work.
To noon, to night,
Following the light,
Aware the shadows that lurk.
Come, come along,
A day in a song,
I’ll share before my sleep.
All the while not to worry,
Im in no such hurry,
Forever, to be my souls keep.