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The Wise Womans Door


As she awakes and readies for her day,
She pays no heed to voices that dismay.
Misery loves company; this is others to decide:
Would it make a worthy ear in which their troubles to confide?
She isn’t one to keep the company of fools.
Round and round she’s danced with the liar and his duels.
She sees past the folly that most consider wise.
Just because many love it doesn’t mean she can’t dispise.
What others think she won’t ignore,
But doesn’t open when offense knocks on the door.

A Cry Ignored


Looking up and reaching through the cold mist,
Reaching out to one more who will say no,
Rejected again, oh my what a twist.
But she’s still there as you walk away so,
Even a smile will help, turn around.
You can’t be bothered for the time of day,
Leave her with her cardboard sign on the ground.
Don’t. Be the one to say: “I’ll help you”, say
“You’re loved and worth it, I’ll do what I can.”
But too often shes ignored, often spurned,
Without help, she’ll die alone on the sand.
“Holier than thou” away your eyes turn.
What makes you think you’re worth more than the soul,
While still full of kindness, dies in a hole?