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Where These Waters Lead

Where these waters lead,
It would seem
Today they lead to colder streams.
They’ve more than one destination, I’ll concede,
This just one stop of many
Before we reach the sea.
Today colder streams,
Tomorrow ice-rent seams,
Where these waters become too cold to flow.
In the valley of the moon,
Dawn can’t come too soon,
To free us from our temporary tomb,
And sun shines on more sun-filled shores before we reach the sea.
This is where these waters lead.

When Man Has Gone


What now do crumbling walls see, should they have eyes,
What does nature abhor now there’s none left to despise?
Mother, as if in shame, desperately tries
To hide echos past with her climbing vines.
From creatures on the sea  floor wandering the silt,
To beasts resting in the towers that forgotten hands built.
What once was there, what once was man,
Has long since ceased to live in this ancient land,
In his delusions, for such an absence made no plans.
Being deceived, as such delusions of immortality can.
On through blackened oceans of infinite void roll,
This Earth, slowly ’round the Sun takes its last stroll.
Weary and spent; to the angered Sun, unable to pay toll,
She falls burning forever, into the fatally expanding Sol.
None but nature and her children; the only ones to see,
The father of the sky, in the blink of an eye, burning and boiling the sea.
Where was man no longer here, to witness like ashen weeds,
The falling of earth, that to him gave birth? And the universe that can no longer hold seed?
Long before mother sent her vines to hide walls and towers below,
Man has said, when his heart was dead, “Our greed with us shall grow!”
So his fate was sealed to never see, the ice and snow that fell,
Never being able to wander off, before the Sun had gone to hell.
Such a fall it was that man had when he allowed his pride to swell.
If given the chance, would he change, would he last?
This round, only time will tell.

Frozen Pond

I am the eye within reflects the stranger,
The hole in the ground that reflects the sky.
Everything around grows colder, shoulders
Carry much more. The clouds, the eyes that cry.
And one step closer to the winter
Remind me of the days that pass.
One more blink and it’s all over
Come what may, this too shall pass.
Daily colder, the forest dances over me,
Memories torn asunder: summer.
Though I do not wait for spring, I sleep.
Knowing this dream is mine to keep.

Winter Water


Each piece she places on the wind by hand.
A descent of ice on this winters dawn.
Dancing, twirling, finally finding land.
Each piece now resting in its silent song.
In the sunlight they take on a new form.
Sometimes it’s water, and sometimes it’s same.
Regardless of the plan to which they’re born,
Always it’s ice. And ice they shall remain.
At the end of the day, it’s what they are.
Their mother, Queen Cloud, waves goodbye before
Into the sky, fading away and far.
They’re now in winters hands, whom she adores.
Children here, before they’re sent to summer,
Later they’ll return on clouds of thunder.