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This of That Dark Hill (In the Echo of Yesterday)


The light of this new day,
To the horizon shown the way.
Wanting to stay in the shadow
Of yesterday’s final echo.
But moving forward to the bright,
And shining promise, I just might.
Such comfort held by darkness; darkness it is still,
Enervated, grasping for a hold on this dark hill.
No hope for the peak have I.
I’ve seen it and don’t want it. Why try?
Now left in the echo of yesterday,
This of that dark hill is all I’ll say.

Just Cars


Tiny lights on the horizon draw close,
Not trying to avoid them, I drive on.
The distance between us coming to a close,
They begin to fade in approaching dawn.
In mornings first light each one changes form.
The lights, what they were, and now what they are,
Some old and faded, some shiney just born.
No matter where from, what they are, just cars.