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History Repeats

How foolish that, a child may,
In passing danger, forget to say
To its comrade close in tow,
“Beware!” and “Look out below!”
Once passed the danger fades.
Out of sight, they’ll continue to play
Look again and you might see,
That foolish are the children we.
History is the passing danger.
The playmate is the foretold stranger,
What was past, if then forgotten,
Shall have us caught in its tomb, rotten.

To the Victor Go the Spoils

To the victor go the spoils
Ore’ this earth do we toil.
For the crimes that we took part in,
Who wins determine what they were then.
Good or bad, right or wrong,
It doesn’t matter all along.
If victorious: exonerated.
If defeated: incarcerated.
Where do we find truth when the victors write history?
We question everything until we find a clue behind the mystery.

In The Calm


In the calm before the storm,
Nothing’s lively, Nothing’s warm.
Feeling frightened,
Feeling torn,
In the calm before the storm.

Before the storm, in the calm,
Neglected, distracted. Something wrong.
They’re complacent,
But don’t belong,
Before the storm, in the calm.

In the calm the storm before,
Was something else, something more.
Feeling peaceful, feeling sure,
In the calm the storm before.

In the storm, the calm before.
This was it and nothing more.
Those survived
Said nevermore,
In the storm, the calm before.

And that was how, in the storm,
They forgot how times before,
History cloaked,
Willfully ignored.
That’s how it was, their last storm.